Frequently asked questions

Where can True Grout vinyl flooring be installed?

Because it is 100% waterproof, True Grout vinyl flooring can be installed anywhere at home, even in wet or damp areas (eg. Bathroom, laundry room, etc)

Is True Grout vinyl flooring easy to install?

Yes. All True Grout floor covering requires no nails, glue, grout, varnish or sealant to install. You just align, insert and drop and you’re done! They are also lightweight compared to many other types of floor covering.

How do I install my True Grout vinyl flooring?

Please refer to the installation instructions in the Technical Information section of this web site depending on whether your new TG vinyl flooring uses the Click or DropLoc installation system.

How long will my True Grout vinyl flooring last?

True Grout flooring comes with a residential limited lifetime warranty and 15-year light commercial warranty.

How does True Grout vinyl flooring stand up to wear?

True Grout vinyl flooring is scratch resistant and the densified foam core (DFC) makes it a sturdy choice. Finally, since the grout lines color extends through the pvc layer, an eventual chip will be less noticeable. However, even if it is very scratch resistant, keep in mind that no flooring is completely scratch proof.

Should True Grout vinyl flooring be placed in the room for 48 or 72 hrs. prior to installing?

Because True Grout’s DFC core will not expand or contract with humidity or temperature, it doesn’t need to be acclimatized before installation.

What kind of underlayment should I use with my True Grout vinyl flooring?

The use of an underlay is not necessary and is optional.

Does True Grout flooring require a vapor barrier?

Absolutely not necessary as It is 100% waterproof and won’t be affected by humidity.

How long do I have to wait before walking on my True Grout vinyl flooring?

There is no need to wait. Because there’s no glue or grout to dry, feel free to walk, or move furniture onto the floor immediately after installation.

Should I glue joints on large jobs?

Gluing or applying a bead of glue is optional and just a preventive step but not absolutely necessary!

When I use True Grout flooring in a bathroom, do I need to leave a space next to fixtures (Tubs, Toilets etc.) and apply caulking afterwards?

Yes. This is to prevent water from infiltrating underneath the flooring.