It’s all in the grout!

The name may not be sexy, but it says it all. It’s all in the GROUT!

For people not familiar with the term “grout”, this refers to the seam separating flooring tiles or planks from one another. In traditional ceramic flooring installations (and to a lesser extent in hardwood), grout compound is usually applied after the floor is installed to create an impervious seam between tiles. The seam protects the floor from liquid spills and adds an eye-catching design element to the floor pattern. In more modern flooring materials such as laminates and vinyl, no manufacturer has even come close to reproducing this look and feel  … until now.

Over and above the stunning visuals and patterns available in Quickstyle’s new True Grout®  DFC vinyl flooring series, all tile and plank designs feature a patented color-through grout line and a no-glue click installation system.  What that means for the DIYers is:  a floor that will resist the wear and tear of busy homes (even in the grout line) and ultra-simple no-mess installation (unlike ceramic, wood or sheet vinyl flooring).

Let’s face it guys, vinyl flooring has gotten a bad rap in the past. Often relegated to the basement floor or the 2nd bathroom where you preferred to hide rather than highlight the floor.  But contrary to other more traditional flooring materials, vinyl flooring has evolved significantly in the past few years. Ceramic and hardwood have been around forever and still represent some of the most enduring design alternative out there. But over and about the visuals, the construction and basic characteristics of these flooring alternative have not really evolved in the past few centuries. Wood flooring is not a sustainable material and very susceptible to humidity, scuffing and scratches. Ceramics are unforgivingly hard, cold and prone to breakage.  True Grout® vinyl flooring has none of these drawbacks.

With Quickstyle’s new True Grout® you can now “bust out of the basement” and be proud of your floor knowing that you have the latest technology at your feet.

See the web site today ( to find a retailer close to you and see for yourself how vinyl flooring has come into its own.