Quickstyle: Impermeable

What is flooring’s worst enemy besides dogs, kids, heavy furniture, appliances, high heels, abrasive cleaners and heat?   You guessed it: liquid spills.

Quickstyle’s True Grout (TG) is a superstar when it comes to impermeability.  Each TG tile and plank are not only “water resistant”, but totally waterproof and backed with a lifetime residential performance warranty.

Today, hardwood and laminate flooring are still very popular choices for many consumers. Quickstyle actually supplies these types of flooring as well, but because of their high fibre content (by-products and fillers), hardwood and laminate flooring are sensitive to liquid spills and humidity.

Here are the facts: True Grout flooring will not expand, contract or warp when it comes in contact with liquids. TG is 100% waterproof, dimensionally stable and reusable even after major water damage.  In the event were excessive water has permeated the seams of the flooring (ex. flooding), it is always recommended to remove the flooring in the affected area in order to dry out the subfloor.

Our TG flooring can be reinstalled once the subfloor has been dried out.

This unique characteristic makes Quickstyle’s TG vinyl flooring the perfect product to install in humid areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, mud rooms and play rooms.  Water damage can occur all throughout your home.  Because of its design versatility, TG’s flooring can be installed in any room.

And by the way, True Grout flooring is also resistant to dogs, kids, heavy furniture, heat and heavy appliances.

To see more of this feature filled product, go to the web site today at www.truegrout.com. Click on the “Contact Us” link to find a retailer near you.